Monday, 8 December 2008


So we have our new show starting next Wednesday 17th Dec... We are having a party, preview thing... Come down, we have a mate of ours making some mulled cider, I've had mulled wine, but not mulled cider... he reckons it's the bomb... but he is from Bridgwater so who knows?! Anyway... come down and sample his wears... and whilst your'e supping the warm Thatchers have a look at some of the new art... Mentioned this before but we'll have a new limited edition exclusive print from 45RPM... and for all those 'owl botherers' out there, yes, it features owls! 4 of the bastards... There'll be 100, hand painted and signed by the artist...We also have 3 new silkscreens from Mr Jago... they are damn fine...We'll also have 4 new prints from Faris Badwan... starts at 7pm goes on till 10pm... all welcome!

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