Wednesday, 5 November 2008


'Universal' An Exhibition with new works from Egs, Pinky and Russell Maurice

22nd November - 6th December

Friend and Co is pleased to present a group exhibition of new works by Egs, Pinky and Russell Maurice.

Universal brings together recent works from three like-minded artists and friends. Having met during the nineties through their involvement in graffiti, each artist takes their own set of influences from this culture – reinterpreting elements of its visual language to explore further abstractions. Recent work from all three artists reveals a common ongoing interest in the cosmic realm.

Egs from Helsinki, Finland is a well-known figure in the worldwide Graffiti underground, he was at the forefront of experimentation with the letterform in the early 1990's and pushed the European scene to evolve.

His current work continues to explore letters in an increasingly abstracted way. Recent photomontages have shown space station letters against a background of milkyways. Fore this show, Egs will produce new series of ink drawings.

British artist Pinky’s work is well-known for its distinctive use of colour and iconography. He was an important member of the Northern graffiti scene from the late 1980’s onwards, and was one of the founders of the well-respected zine Home Boy.

Since the late 1990’s, he has produced paintings, prints and papercuts that reject the idea of graffiti as an aggressive pursuit, celebrating instead it’s free spirited, psychedelic side. Recent works have adapted this iconic language to explore bold abstractions of colour and form.

British artist Russell Maurice’s involvement in graffiti culture from an early age has been an important influence for his practice. Since the mid 90’s, he has produced paintings, prints, collages, sculptures and installations that reflect the spontaneous and informal nature of graffiti writing.

Work to date has explored the recurring themes of energy, growth patterns, and cycles in nature. Recent works consider theories on the interconnectedness of ecological, cosmic and spiritual systems – expressed through increasingly abstract forms.

Friend & Co are a new, small independent gallery based in Bristol, England. The gallery was set up to showcase what has been described as 'outsider art'.

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