Tuesday, 14 October 2008


We open tomorrow... Are we ready?... Are we f**k...!! Here's a picture of where we were at tonight... Thanks to Acer for his ace painting on our boards outside... If anyone is actually reading this... See you tomorrow night for free beer and art chat... I'll be the one wearing a beret smoking an ironic pipe... Cheers!


mellott said...

looking great, all the best for the opening.

miss b said...

Hey what time peeps!
Nice boards by the way

DROOG79 said...

some Bristle friends of mine told me about yer opening-
great to see things like this happening in my ol'hometown. good luck to you guys and let me know if you wanna trade links...drooog

Megan Chapman said...

Hello- looks like a great little space. Always inspiring to see what can been done in a little place.
Best wishes for success!