Wednesday, 1 October 2008

14 Days until officially 'The Smallest Gallery In The World...Ever' opens!

Slowly slowly catchee monkey...

In 2 weeks time we are open... seems hard to believe as I stare at the empty walls and look up at a sign that still reads 'Town Garden, Bedding Plants, Flowers...'

BUT we are making progress! We are in the middle of printing the prints for the opening night, all being well we'll have prints from... Eco, Paris, Pinky (the black and yellow number above... although it'll actually be gold on black when it's printed) Russell Maurice, Andy Council, Mike Maxwell, Faris Badwan... and a bunch more too... Plus originals from some Bristol bods and other folk who we believe in, and for some unfathomable reason believe in us too!

If you go to our online shop (there's a link on the links bit of this blog) you can see what we have coming as prints, none of the images are of the actual prints, they haven't all been printed yet, but you'll get an idea...

So if you are passing on the 15th, stop by and have a beer on us... and have a look at the art too (although we can only fit 3 people in the gallery at the same time... and i'm not joking!)

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