Monday, 29 December 2008


We have a group show from the WHAT COLLECTIVE starting on the 14th of January and running until the 4th of February. The opening night party thing will be on Wednesday the 14th, starting at 7pm... We'll be following this with shows from MR JAGO, MUDWIG and CHINA MIKE... More details on all this and more when I've dragged myself from my Christmas/New Year haze.............

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


We've been really lucky to have such a great bunch of artists paint the boards outside our shop/gallery... We started with Acer, followed up by a collaborative effort from Egs, Pinky and Russell Maurice to celebrate their 'Universal' group show... And then this weekend 45RPM stepped up and we now have a bloody great big owl staring down Gloucester Road! We love it!

Monday, 8 December 2008


So we have our new show starting next Wednesday 17th Dec... We are having a party, preview thing... Come down, we have a mate of ours making some mulled cider, I've had mulled wine, but not mulled cider... he reckons it's the bomb... but he is from Bridgwater so who knows?! Anyway... come down and sample his wears... and whilst your'e supping the warm Thatchers have a look at some of the new art... Mentioned this before but we'll have a new limited edition exclusive print from 45RPM... and for all those 'owl botherers' out there, yes, it features owls! 4 of the bastards... There'll be 100, hand painted and signed by the artist...We also have 3 new silkscreens from Mr Jago... they are damn fine...We'll also have 4 new prints from Faris Badwan... starts at 7pm goes on till 10pm... all welcome!

Saturday, 6 December 2008


A good friend of ours is putting on this night... It's on the 21st of December down at the Bristol County Sports Club on Colston Street...

Come down and witness the mighty Silver Pyre!

Thursday, 4 December 2008


We are having a Christmas show on the 17th of December... Mulled Cider, mince pies and some new art! 7pm till 10pm... Come down and get festive!

We'll have some new original silk screens from Mr Jago, an exclusive limited edition print from 45RPM, and four new limited edition prints from Faris Badwan. Also we have a limited edition print and (hopefully) some very special editions on metal from Stephen O'Malley from the band Sunn O)))

We are also lining up some great shows for 2009... We'll keep you posted... especially if you sign up to our mailing list at

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


The 'Universal' collaborative print from Egs, Pinky & Russell Maurice is now available at our online shop as well as the gallery... It's a limited edition of 50, signed by all 3 artists and is £75...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


We have the preview party of our new group show this Saturday night, the 22nd, 7pm till 10pm. The show features new work from Egs, Pinky and Russell Maurice... Everyone is welcome, there'll be free drink and a chance to pick up a limited edition collaborative print from the three artists. It's an edition of only 50, signed by all three artists. It's £60 on the night and £75 afterwards... It's A2, silver ink on black paper... And it looks like this...

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


We are really excited about this... On the 22nd of this month we see the start of a group show of brand new work from Egs, Pinky and Russell Maurice. The show is called 'Universal'... There will be original pieces, a limited edition collaborative print and... if you make it down to the opening party on the 22nd, more free beer!

Friday, 7 November 2008


For anyone who isn't fortunate enough to call Bristol their home, or if you are a local but haven't wandered past our odd little gallery yet... then here's some photos of how we are looking...

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


'Universal' An Exhibition with new works from Egs, Pinky and Russell Maurice

22nd November - 6th December

Friend and Co is pleased to present a group exhibition of new works by Egs, Pinky and Russell Maurice.

Universal brings together recent works from three like-minded artists and friends. Having met during the nineties through their involvement in graffiti, each artist takes their own set of influences from this culture – reinterpreting elements of its visual language to explore further abstractions. Recent work from all three artists reveals a common ongoing interest in the cosmic realm.

Egs from Helsinki, Finland is a well-known figure in the worldwide Graffiti underground, he was at the forefront of experimentation with the letterform in the early 1990's and pushed the European scene to evolve.

His current work continues to explore letters in an increasingly abstracted way. Recent photomontages have shown space station letters against a background of milkyways. Fore this show, Egs will produce new series of ink drawings.

British artist Pinky’s work is well-known for its distinctive use of colour and iconography. He was an important member of the Northern graffiti scene from the late 1980’s onwards, and was one of the founders of the well-respected zine Home Boy.

Since the late 1990’s, he has produced paintings, prints and papercuts that reject the idea of graffiti as an aggressive pursuit, celebrating instead it’s free spirited, psychedelic side. Recent works have adapted this iconic language to explore bold abstractions of colour and form.

British artist Russell Maurice’s involvement in graffiti culture from an early age has been an important influence for his practice. Since the mid 90’s, he has produced paintings, prints, collages, sculptures and installations that reflect the spontaneous and informal nature of graffiti writing.

Work to date has explored the recurring themes of energy, growth patterns, and cycles in nature. Recent works consider theories on the interconnectedness of ecological, cosmic and spiritual systems – expressed through increasingly abstract forms.

Friend & Co are a new, small independent gallery based in Bristol, England. The gallery was set up to showcase what has been described as 'outsider art'.

Friend & Co.
8 The Promenade
Gloucester Road

Opening times :
Tues to Sat 12-6pm
Closed Mon & Sun

Phone : 0117 924 1335

Web :
Email :


Sunday, 2 November 2008

Friday, 31 October 2008


KUILDOOSH W.S-S.K. (wet Sshame Klout)

EKOE (Matthew Moran)
PARIS (Graham Dews)
MÜDWIG (Daniel Sparkes)


‘SMOKING JACKETS FOR JERRY’ a collection of new works.

November 22nd- December-20th 2008

Brooklynite Gallery,
334 Malcom X blvd,
New York

Thursday, 30 October 2008


Russell Maurice has just had an exhibition in Toyko... Here's some pictures from the show... 
We have a limited edition print by Russell available on our online shop... 


French, a very talented artist, and a friend of ours, has three exhibitions in Australia, so if you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane... Go and check them out... 

We also have two limited edition prints by the man himself available on our online shop and at the gallery...

Saturday, 18 October 2008


So we are open! We had a great opening party on Wednesday, lots of people turned up and drank our free beer and pretend champagne...including me... Unfortunately due to my drunkenness I managed to get locked out of my house and had to sleep in my car... One minute I'm opening a new gallery and feeling pretty pleased with myself, the next I'm breaking into my own car so I can spend the night freezing my arse off under some stinking dust sheets... very, very wrong...

But it was a top night, so thanks to everyone who came down and had fun... We opened the gallery properly yesterday and today and have had a couple of good days, we've sold a few prints and met a lot of people who seemed really into what we are trying to do...

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


We open tomorrow... Are we ready?... Are we f**k...!! Here's a picture of where we were at tonight... Thanks to Acer for his ace painting on our boards outside... If anyone is actually reading this... See you tomorrow night for free beer and art chat... I'll be the one wearing a beret smoking an ironic pipe... Cheers!

Saturday, 11 October 2008


This is a new piece from little known street artist GEF... It's red gloss on exterior MDF panels, it's called 'LOVE HAT' and is a witty social commentary on these tough credit crunchie times we find ourselves in... There's rumours it will be in the next Dreweatt's Urban Art auction, the reserve will probably be about £27.50p

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Carboot Circus

Cabot Circus... Carrott Circus, Circusmead... call it what you want... I've decided that Bristol's shiny very expensive new shopping centre is from this point on known as Carboot Circus, well that's what I'm calling it...

Anyway, my Mum went down to the new shopping centre on the opening day, she was on one of the upper levels when she heard screaming from down below, she looked down and a huge rat was running round and round amongst all the shoppers!... Need I say more?

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

14 Days until officially 'The Smallest Gallery In The World...Ever' opens!

Slowly slowly catchee monkey...

In 2 weeks time we are open... seems hard to believe as I stare at the empty walls and look up at a sign that still reads 'Town Garden, Bedding Plants, Flowers...'

BUT we are making progress! We are in the middle of printing the prints for the opening night, all being well we'll have prints from... Eco, Paris, Pinky (the black and yellow number above... although it'll actually be gold on black when it's printed) Russell Maurice, Andy Council, Mike Maxwell, Faris Badwan... and a bunch more too... Plus originals from some Bristol bods and other folk who we believe in, and for some unfathomable reason believe in us too!

If you go to our online shop (there's a link on the links bit of this blog) you can see what we have coming as prints, none of the images are of the actual prints, they haven't all been printed yet, but you'll get an idea...

So if you are passing on the 15th, stop by and have a beer on us... and have a look at the art too (although we can only fit 3 people in the gallery at the same time... and i'm not joking!)

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Grand(ish) opening now 15th of October...

So scrap that last blogette, well part of it anyway... Due to circumstances beyond our control (or something like that) we are now opening the little door of our little shop on Wednesday the 15th of October... So an extra week to worry about what might not be finished in time... I feel like i'm about to drop my pants on Gloucester Road...

Friday, 12 September 2008

Opening Our Doors!

It seems like we might actually be opening our doors on Wednesday the 8th of October!

So far it's looking like we'll have prints from : FRENCH, ANDY COUNCIL, MIKE MAXWELL, MARC BEASANT, PARIS, ECO, MUDWIG, and possibly FARIS (THE HORRORS) and STEPHEN O'MALLEY (SUNN O)))...

The plan is to have the prints on show at the shop and then we're having a party at HUSH HUSH on Cheltenham Road...

When all the planets have aligned we'll be able to tell you exact times etc...

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Getting closer...

So we fixed the roof and are still deciding what colour to paint it... But who knows one day this little shop on Gloucester Road in Bristol might be a 'Gallery'... And maybe the home of limited edition prints and original artworks from some of our favourite artists from near and far...